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Beware the Fonts

February 24, 2004

On a brand-new installation of OS X 10.3 on a QuickSilver G4, Safari initially worked. But, by the time I had applied all of the updates and migrated the user's data it stopped. When Safari opened and attempted to access the default page, it would unceremoniously quit. A trip to the console revealed an error coming from the Webkit.framework.

Simultaneously I was having problems with Font Book (which should have been my first clue). I had tried to install all of the users existing fonts in one fell swoop, and Font Book had essentially locked up. The console reported the exact same Webkit.framework error, though, so I began to worry that the install of Safari was corrupt. That's what I get for trying to be too sophisticated in troubleshooting-- I should have suspected the fonts right away, but was too enamored with pursuing the Webkit.framework error.

After reinstalling Safari 1.2 the problem WENT AWAY-- at least until the next log-out-log-in, after that it came right back. At this point I went to the obvious and pulled out all of the user's fonts. Bingo.

Moral of the story: fonts are the root of much evil.