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Apple Repairs in Charleston, SC

October 1, 2007

Charleston, South Carolina, now has two Apple Authorized Repair centers. While my company does just about all kinds of Macintosh troubleshooting, support and consulting, we don't do "repairs" (defined as repairing hardware components under warranty). For years Charleston has languished without an Apple Authorized Repair center, the closest one being Savannah, Georgia, or Columbia, South Carolina. Earlier this year L2 Technologies, from Beaufort, SC, moved into the Charleston area, near Red Top (why there?!?). I've blogged about them before.

Now in addition to L2 Technologies, we have Tech Plus. Tech Plus (Tech +?) has been around a long time, and I have referred many clients to them to get Mac repairs when out of warranty. I am ecstatic to report that they are now and Apple Authorized Repair Center, and can to repairs of Macintosh computers under Apple Warranty, or Apple Care.

In addition to repairs, both companies offer the full line of Apple Macintosh products for sale. Finally Charleston has a reasonable alternative to driving two hours for repairs. Plus, people can actually go somewhere and see Apple Products for sale here in town.