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A Little Help from My Friends

November 17, 2007

It's nice to know that once-in-a-while you can provide someone with a little help. This email came from a post of mine about the VoicePro VP206, VP208, VP412 Programming Manual PDF download.

Here it is almost 2008 and the link still comes in handy for some of us. Our NEC DS2000 system is acting up amd it requires a professional programmer with special software to troubleshoot and do it justice. I've had a VP408 on standby for years. Can't find the manual, can't find the power supply. So, I hacked a computer power supply to get 24 volts (it wrks fine though the box says it needs 28 --- I'll buy a 28V regulated later).

Then I hit Google and kept coming up with the adverts for that printed manual. After a few search word changes your BlogSpot page popped up in 8th place on page 1. (Searching on "voicepro  programming manual".)

Thank you!!

Love it!