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128Gb is Enough

May 7, 2007

A client had a failing hard drive, on a PowerMac G4 Mirrored-Drive Doors. He bought a 300Gb replacement drive, and I went over to install it. Upon trying to format the drive, the drive appeared in the Disk Utility as a 128Gb drive. Huh. Odd. The last time I saw something like this had to do with a boot disk not supporting a bus in the systemó but this was a newer installer DVD and should not have had the problem.

So I decided to call the HD manufacturer, Seagate, to see about returning the "defective" HD. I mentioned my concerns about the computer itself maybe being the problem, and he did some research. Turns out that the computer simply didn't support drive sizes larger than 128Gb, and it would be Ok to use the drive if we were willing to live with the smaller partition size. Turns out that still gave us 3 times the storage as before, so no worries.