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IMAP Lesson

September 3, 2007

I blogged earlier about using IMAP on your computer and iPhone, and there is one more lesson to add. I have now set this up on a couple of other people's iPhones and in their Apple Mail. You may have problems in Apple Mail with one of the folders you are saving to the server. The error will be something like "error - cannot save message." If this is with your drafts, you can't then save your drafts. If it is with something else, say, sent mail, this is a big problem.

The cure is simple. First, make sure that you are using an IMAP setup (see link above). If so, then select the IMAP (Drafts or whatever) folder in the Mailboxes column. Then, in the Menu bar, choose "Use this mailbox for..." from the Mailbox menu, and select accordingly. That's it. Mail just needed to be told which folder to use. This works for Trash, Sent, Drafts, or whatever, and you can use any folder name on the IMAP server you wish.