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Recover from a dragging issue in Disk Utility

September 12, 2007

I think this is an issue with Intel Macs, but it may be all Macs with a 10.4 Installer DVD. Apple has a support document, Unable to drag and drop in Disk Utility while started from install DVD, that explains a bug in Disk Utility found on some 10.4 Install DVDs (including my MacBook Pro's). I ran into this when my hard drive failed, and I needed to clone it to send it off to Apple for replacment -- and now again that I want to upgrade to a new 200Gb 7200/16Mb internal hard drive.

There is a workaround beyond those provided by Apple, assuming your internal hard drive has Disk Utility on it, it's in the normal place, and you are willing to use Terminal. After you boot from the Installer DVD, and are on the first installer screen (just past the language screen), go to the Utilities menu and choose Terminal. In Terminal, type:

cd "/Volumes/YourInternalHD/Applications/Utilities/
Disk Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/"

Replace YourInternalHD with the actual name of your internal hard drive. Press Return, then type:
./Disk Utility

That's it. Disk Utility will launch off of your internal hard drive, and now you can drag within the Restore portion of the program.