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Rolex and Interwatches Part III

July 3, 2008

My wife's Rolex fogged again a couple of weeks ago. In my last post about Interwatches I describe their disingenuousness with respect to their water-proof test and warranty. Well, after having had the watch "serviced" by them, presumably fixing whatever water-proof issue there was, it has happened again. Clearly their service is a sham. Be warned to avoid their guarantees.

Now, understand that they sold us a genuine Rolex -- there is no question about that. We just sent it directly to Rolex to deal with the latest fogging issue. Rolex verifies that it is genuine. However, in addition to the $600 to service the watch and fix the water-proof issues, Rolex wants another $500 or so to replace the face, hands and crystal. Ok, so the crystal might need to be replaced to fix the water issue, but that is not what they are saying. They are saying that they refuse to service the watch at all, unless they can deal with every issue. The face, hands and crystal, according to Rolex, are not "perfect." Uh, ok, the watch is a 1985 watch, of course it's not perfect. Let me say it again: they refuse to service the watch unless they can deal with every issue, including cosmetic ones. Refuse.

That's like taking your car in for a timing belt replacement, and their refusing to do it unless you get new tires and have it painted.

So, we're are not having the watch serviced by Rolex, and instead will send it to yet another service center. This time, however, the service center is one we trust on the recommendation of a local dealer we know personally.

The next time we buy a Rolex we'll buy from a reputable dealer. Oh, wait, next time we won't buy a Rolex. We're taking recommendations on decent water-proof watches that are serviceable.